U-Coat diy Concrete coatings FAQ's

The flake helps to give some grip so it isn't very slippery. Its recommended to use our slip reducing additive if being used on inclines.

Concrete can vary in lots of different ways so coverage rates will vary. Generally, our kits will cover 35-40sqms (Textured or really soft concrete may use more product.)

Between 3-7 business days, We make each order fresh and generally send out for delivery between 24/48 hours.

No! You are relying on the coat underneath. If you do this, you are giving your project a risk of delamination. Either remove with paint/sealer stripper or diamond grind (you can contact us for further information on this)

If you can successfully remove the oil then yes! But like any coating, the U-Coat-Kit WON'T stick to oil. Your concrete must be porous for our product to last.

Grinding is best for preparation if your concrete seems smooth/tightly steel troweled or limited porosity.

Yes!! If you can paint a wall you can U-Coat-It! Plus you have our support if needed every step of the way!